My Two Front What?

2009-12-25 19:04:56 by Whitnemp

I made a cartoon for the winter flash off, and you can find it below, it's called "My Two Front What?" Go vote on it and tell me what you hate about it in a review, that would be swell.

I have such a headache from some fucking kid banging away at a freakin toy xylophone, you know the rainbow colored keys and white base ones? Jesus Christ (he was born today apparently 2009 years ago) it was annoying.


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2009-12-25 20:09:36

actually he was born around 4 BC but great cartoon nonetheless...CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT ONNNNNNE

Whitnemp responds:

shut up jon, i hate your sarcasm, it makes me ill!!! well not really... haha


2009-12-26 01:52:04

that's not sarcasm!!!!!


2009-12-26 06:26:17

that was actually a pretty cool flash man,

Whitnemp responds:

thanks mucho


2009-12-29 16:45:34

That was a funny animation. Keep it up!