A Whitty Comic Contest

2011-04-10 21:25:16 by Whitnemp

Hey Newgrounders! I got a pretty awesome contest going right now and would like everyone to participate! It's totally free to submit an entry. It's a little different from most comic contest. Go check it out here: A Whitty Comic Contest. $50 to Best Buy for the first place winner, $35 for the second place winner, and finally $15 for the third place winner. Pretty good when it costs nothing to compete! Thanks and I hope to see your entry!

A Whitty Comic Contest


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2011-04-10 21:37:39

Welp, I entered, because why the fuck not?

Whitnemp responds:

For sure! Good luck!


2011-04-10 21:59:45

Done. :D


2011-04-10 22:21:24

What's the worst that could happen?

*spammed forever*
*poor comic posted publicly as worst comic submitted with my name below it and the means to contact me*

I entered anyway, cool little thing!

Whitnemp responds:

chances i actually get the motivation to run another contest and contact you about it is slim to none :) Thanks for entering!


2011-04-10 23:17:50

i did it.


2011-04-11 01:25:20

I just submitted a comic


2011-04-11 14:30:59

Entered. Do we get to see the entries?

(Updated ) Whitnemp responds:

I thought that contestants seeing the entries wouldn't be fair. Perhaps we could make is so that if you already submitted an entry, you could look at the current entries. I'll have to work on that. Being the first contest, there are going to be things that need to be added or changed. Thanks for your input!


2011-04-11 14:38:13

Kewl contest bra.


2011-04-11 17:54:56

Done is done


2011-04-26 22:25:33

Well, one terrible joke for you sir :3. Can't wait to see the winner's :p


2011-04-27 09:56:30

ok I entered awesome contest concept i did comic 1 but i had ideas for all comics but i had a great one for comic 1


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